Experiences with the Mastercircle method

The Mastercircle method has been applied since 2007 to help collaboration in dozens of ministries, provinces, municipalities and waterboards, and large agencies like Rijkswaterstaat, Belastingdienst, in the health care and education sectors, and in large consultancies. A common issue is "how to we collaborate better internally to collaborate better externally". 


In the period 2007 - 2012, a few examples were:

- The coordination of climate change policies in 6 ministries

- All sub-programmes of the Dutch national Deltaprogramme to adapt The Netherlands to climate change

- The national airport Schiphol

- Redevelopment of the center of the city of Utrecht

- Strategic plan for water management boards


In these Mastercircles, I worked with many masters, e.g. Elco Brinkman, Hugo BrouwerSybilla Dekker, Wim Deetman, Frits Hermans, Lambert VerheyenMarga KoolHuub van Zwam, Gerard van Santen,  Rein Willems, Martin van Rijn, Chris Kuipers, Hans van der Vlist, Geert Teisman, Job van den Berg, Fokko Wientjes, Karel Noordzij.


Between 2012 and end of 2020, my main affiliation with NCEA, working in Africa, prohibited formal application of the Mastercircle method (there wasn't enough time for me). But mastercircle continued and developed into a broad toolkit of interventions to help learning communities emerge, Spread your Wings. Recent experiences are therefore shown on their site.


I applied the Mastercircle method also in Mali, West Africa, with this outcome


Reinier ter Kuile

(ministerie van Justitie)

Emmy Meijers


Rob Kuipers

(Algemene bestuursdienst)

Elly van Kooten 

(Ministerie van VWS, she sadly passed away in 2017)